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address:  9 Mykhailivs'ka street, Kiev, Ukraine

04/02/11 - Cooperation between KievInn and

KievInn want to say “ Thank you” to We work more then 1 year only but we are very successful company who offer 15 perfect Kiev apartments. We are very grateful to savi-seo, Such company created our web site and support it all the time. We are happy that this company help us to growth and attract new clients, it is all because well organized Pay Per Click advertising and search engine optimization they do for us. It is very important because we can find new clients only in internet, and to promote web site is very important for us. We advise savi-seo to everybody who interested in web site creating and site support and hosting.

26/01/11 - New Kiev apartments at KievInn.

KievInn preparing to offer new Kiev apartments. In 2011, we plan to offer 5 new apartments in Kiev. So the total number of apartments at KievInn will be 20 Kiev apartments.

18/01/11 - New Kiev apartments at KievInn,

After more then 1 year KievInn apartment complex that offer perfect Kiev apartments extanded the number of Kiev apartments we offer for rent. At this moment we offer 15 perfect high quality apartments. This month we added to our complex 3 modern apartments. Such flat are unique among all flats we had before. The most advantage of such flats is that such flats equipped with sauna and big Jacuzzi and design of such flats was made by famous Ukrainian designer. In January 2011 such flats will be available for booking

13/01/11 - New web page on KievInn web site.

Our company decide to create new section at our web site because we want to share with our clients information about us. We want to inform our current and potential clients with interesting facts of our company life. We believe such information can be useful.

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